Translation. Localization. Transcreation.

Google Translate might be useful at times, but it doesn't know your clients.

How you present yourself or your company in a foreign language can make a huge impact on whomever you’re trying to communicate with, helping you hook that client abroad or capture new audiences. Localization is simple and necessary. It’s translation for the specific location of your clients or readers. If you need something a bit more creative or in-depth, transcreation is perfect. It requires a more complex rewriting of the content in the target language to ensure all nuance and meaning is appropriate to your clients or readers.

Sir William Shakespeare, buffone e profeta (Sir William Shakespeare, fool and prophet) by Stefano Sciacca, Mimesis Edizioni, 2018, 106 pg.

I bambini e la revoluzione della diversità (Children and the Revolution of Diversity) by Aldo Fortunati and Barbara Pagni, Centro Ricerca e Doc. Infanzia, 2018, 151 pg.

Poesia: L’arte delle lettere (Poetry: The Art of Literature) by Terenzio Mazza, EBS Print, 2018, 232 pg.

The Greek Passage by Lorenzo Guarnieri (screenplay), 2019

La guerra è finita (The War Is Over) (screenplay), 2019

L’attesa (The Wait) by Luca Aiello (one-act play), 2018

Editorial writing.

Writing that's clear, concise and creative for today's digital storytelling.

I see stories everywhere, on my daily bike ride to work or high in the mountains on a hike. There’s not a place or person who doesn’t have me thinking about writing. I’ve written about a wide range of topics, from immigration in Italy to institutional racism in the US.
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Copy Editing

Clean content is easy to read.

Whether it’s light copyediting or a deeper restructuring, your content will still convey what you need to say. Text that’s littered with errors or that simply doesn’t flow naturally can trip up readers and cause them to get frustrated or bored by your text and thus lose interest or develop a negative impression of you. I can clean up content without flattening someone’s voice or altering their writing style while also maintaining meaning that might be lost in translation.

Copy writing.

Express what needs to be said directly in English.

Need English content and don’t have time to write it in Italian first. Sometimes it’s easier to write it straight in English. Collaboration is key. You tell me what you need, whether its a rough draft or vague description, and I’ll transform it into content that’s engaging and attractive to your English audience.